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The first time ever...

Centenarians Tell It Like It Is

Centenarians Tell It Like It Is - video cover

People who have lived 100 years or more tell it like it is...and how it was.

"Truly Unbelievable"
"An hour of laughs and tears"

Witty, unabashed and sentimental. Centenarians Tell It Like It Is captures the spirit of men and women all over 100 years old. Now, approaching their third century of good living, twenty-five lively interviewed participants TELL ALL as they look forward to the new millennium.

Their advice to viewers, as one spry centenarian proclaims: "keep active and keep liking people."

Click to watch an excerpt from the video!

 "The pessimists I've known have all died young."
— Philips L. Carret, age 101

"I never think of age, I just go on living."
— Dorothy Giehm, age 106


The video is available through the National Centenarian Awareness Project for $19.95 + $4.95 Shipping/Handling.

Send check or money order in the amount of $24.90 to:

Ms. Lynn Peters Adler, J.D.
National Centenarian Awareness Project
Centenarian Video
3135 E. Marshall Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Centenarians Tell It Like It Is aired on some PBS television stations around the country. About the video, PBS stated:

...CENTENARIANS TELL IT LIKE IT IS interviews 25 centenarians with over 2500 years of opinions. Introduced by Lynn Peters Adler, founder of the National Centenarian Awareness Project, viewers get an earful from some of history's best bystanders. Architect Theodore J. Young, 101, designed the National Gallery of Art and the Jefferson Memorial. Others profiled include two veterans of World War I who fought in the battle of the Argonne Forest, and a woman who traveled across the United States in a covered wagon. When they talk about Roosevelt, they may mean Teddy, not FDR!

Mabel Michaels, 101, is the stand-up comedian among those interviewed. Her good-natured jokes about growing older remind us that the wisdom that accompanies aging includes the ability to laugh at ourselves. Merle McEathron, 102, Lloyd Botimer, l03, and the rest of the centenarians also offer the kinds of keen observations on life that will leave you smiling.

Following are candid behind-the-scenes photos of the stars of Centenarians Tell It Like It Is

Lynn and Matrix Media begin taping 

Quiet on the set...

Lynn Peters Adler, in conjunction with co-producer Matrix Media, begins the taping of Centenarians Tell It Like It Is.


Financier Phillip Carret readies for his interview. The taping took place in his New York City office. 

Phillip Carret with Lynn 

Florence Adamson and Lynn


Lynn with Florence Adamson, 104, of Rye, New York, looking through a photo album.


Minnie O'Donnell (left) and Lenore Schaeffer take a moment before beginning the taping of their interviews. 

Minnie O'Donnell and Lenore Schaeffer 

Effie Hobbie "on break" 



Taking a break from taping,
Effie Hobbie of Connecticut shares a laugh with one the crew from Matrix Media.


Lynn and Mabel Michaels share a moment during the taping. Mabel played the piano on the video. Her repertoire includes "Beer Barrel Polka." Mabel likes to emphasize the phrase "the gang's all here."

 Lynn and Mabel Michaels

Lynn and the Matrix crew with Basilio Imbergia 


After the interview with Basilio Imbergia, 102, Lynn and the Matrix Media film crew enjoy Basilio and his family's hospitality.


Lynn with Ted Young of Stamford, Connecticut. Mr. Young was one of the architects who designed the Jefferson Memorial and the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

Ted Young with Lynn 

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